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A Dinosaurs Tale

Published 1994

A Dinosaur's Tale is a 1993 Sega Genesis action video game that is based on the Steven Spielberg animated feature, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. It was only released in North America.

Hi Tech Expressions also released different games based on the film for other platforms. Visual Concepts developed an SNES/DOS title and Beam Software developed a Game Boy title (known in Australia as Agro Soar and in Europe as Bamse and Baby T-Rex.).

Players have to negotiate their way through several levels for a chance to defeat Dr. Screweyes. Either Cecilia or Louie must help the dinosaurs through modern-day obstacles such as a circus that wants them as a sideshow exhibit and other freaks that are lying in wait around New York City.

Both human characters have the same abilities. Items can be purchased through a pause menu that can help the player; balloon-type objects called wish bubbles that emerge from defeated enemies serves as the in-game currency. These items either restore health, provide additional attacking power or simply grant an extra life.

Levels with isometric graphics allow the player to control a skateboarding dinosaur; either Rex or Elsa who must collect balloons on their adventures. A combination of traditional video game sprites and isometric polygons play a role in successfully flying a Pterodactyl through Central Park and helping a Tyrannosaurus Rex use a pickup truck as an improvised skateboard through downtown Manhattan.

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Reviewer: dinoguy70 - - October 9, 2014
Subject: we're back a dinosaur's story SNES
I loved the movie, and got the game as a Christmas present. One thing is that this movie is usually shown on Thanksgiving, as the annual parade is featured in it. The game is fun and has lots of challenges, great sounds, and graphics. I did have problems at first defeating the evil Screweyes at the end of his spaceship, as the game reset itself after a certain time during the boss battle with him. But the trick is to press the buttons, as Screweye's robot shoots out some kind of ball and it bounces off the barrier and hits the robot and does damage.
Personally, I must say that it's great to call on your friends in the game whenever you needed help, and remember to get the brain gain cereal to boost your knowledge. One last thing I admit is that I think that Elsa, the female purple pterodactyl is very good looking.
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Jason Scott
on 5/6/2014